COCKTALE is the only bottled cocktail company where drinks are created and handcrafted by a studied physicist and a certified mixologist.

Bottled cocktails have become a fast-growing trend in US, Asian and Australasian markets and established themselves as a valuable source of revenue as well as an unparalleled customer experience for luxury hotels, catering and airline businesses around the world.

We purposefully selected established upmarket brands your company and valued guests identify with. Our handcrafted bottled cocktails smoothly extend your service range, produce instant additional revenue and help you deliver a unique and delightful customer experience, every time.

By introducing bottled cocktails, you avoid costly and hard to find staff skilled in mixology and bartending. Finally, you ensure an accurate and simplified stocktake through a workflow without spillage.

Offering our bottled cocktails enables you to stream-line your service and avoid delays resulting in guest complaints. Furthermore your guests are guaranteed to receive a perfect experience every time, by eliminating inconsistencies in the cocktail making process.

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