This cocktail is named after the old French quarter Vieux Carré of New Orleans.

With the noble Cognac H by Hine VSOP, this Vieux Carré offers sightseers a glimpse into the romance of another day. The unmistakably recognisable iron lace balconies are as unique as the taste of the Bulleit Rye Whiskey and countless antique shops sweet as the Antica Formula Vermouth. Harmonising blues brass bands playing music in the street like the perfectly balanced herbs and spices of DOM Benedictine and the two aromatic bitters, Peychaud’s and Angostura. May the romantic rainfall, pure as the organic water of BioKristall, wash away your sorrows. To honour this time and place, which also marks the birth of cocktails, a toast on the cock’s tail!

Enjoy our Blues selection perfectly accompanying your VIEUX CARRÉ.

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